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    Vigil for Peace December 2018

    Vigil for Peace 2018

    Stand Together for Peace! In December, a time when people often gather for holidays and family celebrations, we come together to be active witnesses for peace. This year the Vigil will be on December 14 from 4-6pm. Our unifying message is ~...

    Eastside Dinner Meetup! @Saigon 1

    Open Seattle Japanese Language and Culture Meetup Group

    Saigon 1 is a new restaurant that opened earlier this year (I think). I've heard good things about this restaurant and wanted to give it a try. Overlake P&R is just a min away from the restaurant, which hopefully makes this event convenient for...

    12.14 活动预告 WYZE:做一家高速成长的创业公司

    Seattle Entrepreneurship Club (SEC)

    活动介绍: WYZE 由前Amazon员工于2017年7月在西雅图创立。在1年多的时间里,WYZE充分利用了中国的优质供应链资源,在美国市场以“产品感动人心,...

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    Moving with Children: The How To

    Moving with kids doesn’t have to be a dreaded time in your life. It is ultimately about balance and communication with the kiddos to make sure everyone is one the same page and feels involved. Here are some helpful tips to keeping children occupied and comfortable during the big move. Before the move Have a […]

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    The Deed That Went Unnoticed

    In the recent years, businesses and organizations have converted to digital (paper-less) instead of paper documentation. Although this is useful for future transactions and events, it causes problems for those that still have paper documentation lying around. Here is a story to remind you why it is important to keep track of all paper documentation […]

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    Be In the Know: Real Estate Lingo You Should Know For Your Transaction

    Appraisal – estimated value of the property, this is done by a professional appraiser and it is based on the value of recently sold homes in the area Back up offer – a secondary offer for a property that is used in the event that the primary offer falls through Certificate of title – document that […]

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