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    Eastside Startup Open Coffee at CoWork Box

    Eastside Startups Open Coffee

    Join us every Wednesday morning for the Eastside's premier entrepreneur, startup and technology networking event. NOTE: We publicize this event in a number of venues, most people do not RSVP. We get on average about 12-15 people each week,...

    End to End Data Science Without Leaving the GPU

    Seattle AI Tech Talks Group

    This is one of online AI tech talk series, you can listen, watch, and Q&A with speaker from anywhere in the world:Join online: recorded video is available on youtube:...

    Walk the Cross Kirkland Corridor from Crestwood Park

    Eastside Wednesday Walkers

    We will walk south on the Kirkland Corridor, turning back after about 45 minutes. It is an easy, flat trail, in good condition in any weather. We will go down one stairway from Crestwood Park to the corridor and back up at the end of the walk. It...

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    Moving with Children: The How To

    Moving with kids doesn’t have to be a dreaded time in your life. It is ultimately about balance and communication with the kiddos to make sure everyone is one the same page and feels involved. Here are some helpful tips to keeping children occupied and comfortable during the big move. Before the move Have a […]

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    The Deed That Went Unnoticed

    In the recent years, businesses and organizations have converted to digital (paper-less) instead of paper documentation. Although this is useful for future transactions and events, it causes problems for those that still have paper documentation lying around. Here is a story to remind you why it is important to keep track of all paper documentation […]

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    Be In the Know: Real Estate Lingo You Should Know For Your Transaction

    Appraisal – estimated value of the property, this is done by a professional appraiser and it is based on the value of recently sold homes in the area Back up offer – a secondary offer for a property that is used in the event that the primary offer falls through Certificate of title – document that […]

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