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In 2007 Shelly Hu entered the real estate field at a time when many real estate agents were making their exit. The housing bubble and credit crisis made it very difficult for agents to run their businesses, but it’s during this time that Shelly and her team flourished. Coming from 20 years as a software engineer for top companies like T-Mobile, Real Networks, and Microsoft, Shelly understood that success comes from a strong work ethic and a passion for people as well as an innate ability to innovate, change, and adjust to the ebb and flow of the real estate market. With these qualities she has been able to double her business year-over-year.

Many of Shelly’s clients have expressed her extensive knowledge of real estate business practices, a deep understanding of local markets, and having advanced negotiation skills. As such, she has continued to learn all aspects of selling or buying a home, which include knowledge of construction, real estate investments, taxation issues, among others.

As one of the Top 5 real estate team in the North West Region at KW (2012), Shelly not only helps her clients buy or sell houses, she also treats them like friends, consulting them if they have questions about any aspect of real estate. To foster her rapid growth in business, she and her team moved to John L. Scott in 2013 knowing that they have the resources to help her and her clients work successfully together. Her Buyers and Sellers can feel confident that they are working with a seasoned professional who provides the best possible range of information and services.

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One of my friend has recommend Shelly to me about couple months ago. I am looking for a condo and a business property as well. She has performance as a high professional skill agent to help looking for the properties. She is very patient, hard work, and… (more)


Shelly is a very dedicated and detail oriented agent. She has helped me sell my house and rented out other property. She has been very responsive, informative, patient and professional. After her business, we have become friends since she is a sincere and… (more)


I was lucky to find Shelly. I found Shelly online when I was planning to buy a home . I knew nothing of buying a home at that time . Shelly was patient and talked to me for a long time to introduce the process of buying a house , and the pros and cons of… (more)

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