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5 Interior Tricks to Sell Your Home Faster

We all want to sell as fast as we can without having to spend a ton of extra money on upgrades before the sale. Here are 5 easy (and cheap) ways to turn your house into an appealing property to buyers.

1. Deep Clean


Photo courtesy of Philip Wilson via Flickr

The most basic step or getting your house sold fast is to deep clean it. This includes the usual cleaning (sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, wiping down counters, cleaning windows and cleaning bathrooms), but deep cleaning includes cleaning base boards, windowsills, walls, cabinets, and steaming carpets. If your budget allows, it is much easier to hire someone to deep clean your house for you.

2. De-clutter

Pale Teal Room

You want to clear all clutter from your home. This includes all photos and knickknacks, it is helpful to clear ALL counters in your house (bathrooms, kitchen, office space, etc.). Although your house should be staged, you don’t want the memorabilia of your family to be in the house when someone else is viewing it.

3. Open all Blinds

Colorful Kitchen

Bringing in the natural light is always a plus! This also allows people to see any views, backyards, or scenery you have around your home.

4. Set all Dining Areas


Photo courtesy of Peter Stephens via Flickr

All dining spaces should be set, nothing overly extravagant, simple place mat, dishes and silverware are completely acceptable. Dining spaces include everyday tables, fancy dining areas, kitchen counter bars, etc. This brings an extra touch of decoration without being over the top or cluttered.

5. Turn on all Lights


Turn on all of the lights in the house, including bathrooms and closets. Your goal is to display your house, and the potential buyers need to see it to view it! It is important to turn the lights on before people come to view your home so that the house is already ready.


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