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A Guide to Moving with Pets

Moving with pets can make everything a bit more chaotic. Here is a guide to help ease the stress of moving with your furry (or feathery) loved ones.

Before the move

  1. Choose a new house and neighborhood with your pet in mind
    1. Make sure there is a place to walk your dogs or a park for them to play at
  2. Update tags
    1. With new address
    2. Also just good to get a new, clean tag every so often
  3. Get vet records
    1. So that you can transfer to a closer vet
  4. Take time packing
    1. When you are stressed, your pet is stressed. Don’t wait until the last minute to throw everything into boxes – it is better for both of you!

During the move

  1. Keep things accessible
    1. Medications
    2. Toys
    3. Food
  2. Keep in crate
    1. Give the pet plenty of time to adjust to the crate before travel begins
    2. Its safe and its easier for you
    3. Put familiar items in the crate with them to help them feel reassured
    4. Keep them away from the chaos of the move as much as possible
  3. Regular pit stops

When you arrive at the new house

  1. Give them another bathroom break
  2. Make sure the house is pet friendly
    1. No open windows or gates
  3. Try to familiarize the pet with the new house
    1. Put their things in locations around the house that are similar to their old locations
  4. Put them in a room during the move
    1. Give them their toys and water so they are entertained and out of the way during the move
  5. Unpack before letting them loose
    1. Waiting until the boxes are unpacked and things are in their place helps pets to get familiarized easier

After the move

  1. Fine new vet
    1. Know where to go for any pet emergencies
  2. Find dog parks nearby
    1. Or just find a park or walking trails
  3. Start new routine
    1. In order to get the pet comfortable with their new surroundings
  4. Lay out essentials
    1. Before unpacking your belongings, set up the pets things
      1. It is important that they have their things, as its hard for them to understand what is going on
    2. This will relieve stress from the pet

Difficulties when moving with a pet

  1. Finding pet friendly airlines
  2. Finding pet friendly hotels
  3. Increased cost for pet friendly accommodations



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