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Shelly Hu

Change of Address Checklist

After a move, everyone knows that you have to change your address with the Post Office. What people tend to forget is that there are a lot of other places in your life that you have to change your address for. Here is a checklist so that you do not forget any of them.


Black Checkmark  Electricity

Black Checkmark Gas

Black Checkmark Water

Black Checkmark Cable/Internet/Phone

Black Checkmark Cell Phone

Black Checkmark Trash


Black Checkmark Employment (HR/Payroll)

Black Checkmark Banks

Black Checkmark Credit Cards

Black Checkmark Loan Agencies (Mortgage, Student, Auto, etc)

Black Checkmark Insurance (Auto, Medical, Home, Dental, Life, etc)

Black Checkmark Investment Broker


Black Checkmark Social Security

Black Checkmark Department of Revenue

Black Checkmark DMV (License and Registration)

Black Checkmark USPS Mail Forwarding

Black Checkmark Voter Registration

Black Checkmark Business License Office (If Applicable)


Black Checkmark Professional Associations

Black Checkmark Magazines/Subscriptions

Black Checkmark Gyms

Black Checkmark Churches

Black Checkmark Community Groups

Black Checkmark Country Clubs

Black Checkmark Alma Maters

Black Checkmark Civic Organizations

Black Checkmark Licensing Boards

Black Checkmark Other Extracurricular Activities


Black Checkmark Home (Landscaping, Delivery, Housekeeping, etc)

Black Checkmark Childcare (School, Daycare, Babysitter, etc)

Black Checkmark Doctors

Black Checkmark Lawyers

Black Checkmark Accountants

Black Checkmark Vet/Groomer


Black Checkmark  Business Cards

Black Checkmark Friends

Black Checkmark Family


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