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Moving with Children: The How To

Moving with kids doesn’t have to be a dreaded time in your life. It is ultimately about balance and communication with the kiddos to make sure everyone is one the same page and feels involved. Here are some helpful tips to keeping children occupied and comfortable during the big move.

Before the move

  1. Have a family meeting
    1. Keep the kids involved
  2. Plan a new room
    1. Give the kids input on their new room design to get them excited about moving
  3. Go through belongings
    1. Give old toys to charity
    2. Go through clothes and get rid of things that don’t fit
    3. Decide which furniture is going in the new house and what gets bought
  4. Create a moving day plan
    1. Help the kids feel involved so that they know what going to be happening on the chaotic day

During the move

  1. Assign Tasks
    1. Tell the kids what they are doing ahead of time so that they know what the day will consist of for them. Give the older kids the responsibility of monitoring and the younger kids the responsibility of last minute cleaning (for example)
  2. Keep special items safe
    1. Make sure to keep special items (teddy bears, shoes etc) either out of packing boxes or in a special box so the kids feel reassured that their stuff is going to be safe and get to the next house
  3. Keep it fun
    1. Play music
    2. Sing songs
    3. Make a game out of moving
    4. Assembly line!

After the move

  1. Explore the neighborhood
    1. Find the park
    2. Find nearby restaurants
    3. Find path to their new school
  2. Join extracurricular activities
    1. Get the kids involved in an activity so they can get to know children in the area
    2. This will help them adjust to the new area
  3. Meet your neighbors
    1. Either go over and introduce yourselves to the new neighbors or plan something more creative to get to know the neighbors
      1. Lemonade stand
      2. BBQ
  • Bake treats
  1. Get to know the new school
    1. Most schools have a new student orientation
    2. Talk to the kids about the perks of starting at a new school instead of the downfalls



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