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Packing Timeline to Help with the Moving Process


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It is always stressful moving. From finding a new place, to getting kids in new schools, to packing up everything you own, it is a lot of work. Like most things, its easiest if you have a plan. Here’s a schedule for packing that will help you avoid¬†the stress of throwing everything in boxes the week of your big move.

Two Months Before

Here is where you pack the non-essentials, these are things that you wont need to get into for a while and that you can definitely live without access to for the next two months.

  • Holiday Items/Decorations
  • Art and Various Home Decor
  • Collectable Items
  • Off-Season Clothing
  • Photo Albums and Scrapbooks
  • Books and Cookbooks
  • Jackets and Coats

One Month Before

One month before the big move it is time to start packing more non-essentials. These are still going to be items that you do not use everyday and that you will not miss for the next month.

  • Extra Dining Sets (dishes, place mats, silverware, etc)
  • Vases and Fragile Items
  • Craft and Sewing Supplies
  • Board Games and Puzzles
  • DVDs, CDs and Video Games
  • Non-essential Kitchen Gadgets

Two Weeks Before

With two weeks before the move,¬†pack up the “extras” from around the house. Random items that serve a purpose in the grand scheme of life in your home, but are not necessary to have for the next two weeks.

  • Office Supplies
  • Non-essential Lamps and Bulbs
  • Extra Linens and Towels
  • Cords and Electronics
  • Extra Cleaning Supplies
  • Jewelry and Accessories

One Week Before

This is where your house will start to feel empty and you really get to see that you have made progress in packing. One week before moving you are ready to pack up everything that you will not be using during your last week in your home.

  • Non-perishable Foods
  • Small Appliances
  • Important Documents
  • Throw Pillows
  • All Dining and Serve Ware (use disposable dishes for the last week)
  • Small Rugs
  • Clothing
  • Throw Blankets

Day Before

It is time for the big move! Pack up everything else that you have, these items should be the essentials that you have been using throughout your last week.

  • Curtains and Blinds
  • Pet Supplies
  • Toiletries
  • First Night Box (change of clothes and anything that you will need for your first night in your new home)



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